Doug Nusbaum Dpaladin at ix.netcom.com
Sun Apr 17 17:19:31 CDT 2005

I am a perhaps never will use 'owner' of wine   I have a copy.  I am 
trying to run a program on Linspire and get the error:

"Make sure that your X server is running" - which it probably is since I 
am using a gui.
and "and that $DISPLAY is set correctly"

could someone please explain to me how is set $DISPLAY  correctly?
and exactly what is correctly?  How do I find this out?    Where do I 
look it up

Assume that I am new to Linux - Unix, but somewhat smart.

Note to documentation people.   Telling someone to adjust their framis 
without giving any indication of where or what their framis is is quite 
useless to most people (excluding an exhaulted inner circle of the Geek 
eleit).  Microsoft can get away with that.  You can not.

thank you

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