[Wine]Sluggish UI in KDE

Matthew L Reed matty at zootal.com
Mon Apr 18 23:27:36 CDT 2005

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> Am Sa, Apr 16, 2005 at 12:43:54 -0600 schrieb Matthew L Reed:
>> Slackware 10.0. Wine version whatever was current a month ago, how do I
>> tell what wine version I have? Anyhow, I'm experience two issues:
>> I have KDE setup with 4 virutual desktops. If I'm running WinMX via wine,
>> and if I try to switch to a different desktop, it immediately switches
>> back. I basically can't use the other desktops because I can't switch to
>> them. Also, I can't minimize the app. I can maximize/restore, but 
>> minimize
>> is disabled.
> I made a very quick try with WinMX 3.53 and WineTools using Wine
> 20041019 (my favourite) and it works good. Searching brings up results and
> the window stays where it should without problems with virtual desktops.

I loaded 20041019 as you suggested, and the desktop switching problem and 
high cpu consumption went away. I think it's safe to assume that this 
problem was caused by the newer version of Wine that I was using. Who would 
I report these issues to?

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