[Wine]Re: set ver = ?

Dustin Navea speeddymon at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 03:35:22 CDT 2005

Wesley Parish wrote:
> Addendum:  I got past the unloading into temporary folder stage of 
> MicrosoftVirtualPC2004EnglishTrial.exe, before it told me I should read the 
> documents to see what the minimum system requirements were.
> Then it died on me.
> Bummer.
> //
> does Wine have anything that does that?
> I've just tried "wine MS\ .net\ framework\ SDK\ -\ with\ C-sharp\ compiler\ 
> Setup.exe"
> and it told me that it couldn't install on Win95, Win98 etc, and I'd have to 
> upgrade to NT 4.0 before it would install.
> Any hints, ideas, previous experience on configuring Wine for suchlike?
> Thanks
> Wesley Parish

Try setting the winver option in ~/.wine/config to NT40 or using the 
--winver=NT40 option


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