[Wine]Re: Environment Space Problem

Rein Klazes wijn at wanadoo.nl
Tue Apr 19 13:38:16 CDT 2005

On Mon, 18 Apr 2005 20:07:40 +0100 (BST), in
gmane.comp.emulators.wine.user you wrote:

> Hi
> I'm hoping someone can help me... I'm trying to run a
> 16bit program called Gramcord (and
> BibleCompanionSoftware) which displays Greek and
> Hebrew texts. I am getting the following error:
> ----------------------
> err:local:LOCAL_GetBlock not enough space in local
> heap 1247
> ----------------------

This message does not look complete. I think you left out how many

> As this is a problem that occurs under some versions
> of XP, the authors advise running a cfg or batch file
> which I tried under wcmd but had no joy. I have
> googled on "environment space" and "wine" and had no
> joy. 

This actually has come up before in a thread "Upper Memory" not long ago
in the newsgroup comp.emulators.ms-windows.wine. That was about a
program called Seed Master, but Bible Companion Software was also

The problem is that the program reserves a fixed sized buffer to store
the environment (the output what you see when you type "set" under
DOS/Windows or "env" under Unix/Linux). What was more then enough for
Windows 3.1, may not be enough under XP or Linux.

You can do two things:

1. Before starting wine, cut as much as possible unneeded variables from
the environment. Use the "unset" command for this. You would do this in
a shell script.

2. Remove the environment and add only those variables that are needed
for running wine. For a start you can try this:

env -i PATH=$PATH DISPLAY=$DISPLAY wine yourprogram.exe

(the -i removes all variables, and I add the PATH and DISPLAY variables
needed to find and run wine).

There may be a few more other variables, TMP, TEMP, anything starting
with LD_ needed.

Rein Klazes
rklazes at xs4all.nl

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