[Wine]Compiling libraries using WineLib under g++

Krishnan Venkatraman v_krishnan at s3india.com
Thu Apr 21 04:52:57 CDT 2005

I am a newcomer to programming on Linux. I am trying to port the source code
of some of my libraries (DLLs) under win32 to Linux. I am using WineLib to
provide me the basic Win32 API implementation. I am able to compile my code
using WineLib, but I am not able to perform the link operation. I have
installed the latest development release (20050310). All the Win32 API
functions that I use are being reported as undefined. I tried specifying the
-lwine option to g++,but I could not locate libwine.a on my machine. How do
I create it using the WineLib release?


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