[Wine]Open up a software with Wine.

Erik Jakobsen eja at urbakken.dk
Fri Apr 22 02:55:34 CDT 2005


For may HAM radio I have seen, that the software airmail can run under
Wine. I donwloaded it, and would install it.
But there's some problems, that I need your help to get solved:

erikja at lajka3:~/Airmail> wine amhc32022.exe
fixme:font:WineEngCreateFontInstance just using first face for now
err:menubuilder:extract_icon32 LoadLibraryExW (L"C:\\Program
Files\\Airmail\\Airmail3.exe") failed, error 126
err:menubuilder:InvokeShellLinker failed to fork and exec wineshelllink

What is wrong here ?

Erik Jakobsen

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