[Wine]Wine and ALSA

Joachim von Thadden thadden at web.de
Sat Apr 23 06:01:22 CDT 2005

Am Fr, Apr 22, 2005 at 11:59:28 +0200 schrieb Sylvain Petreolle:
> Just configure Wine for ALSA use :
> in $HOME/.wine/config
> [WinMM]
> "Drivers" = "winealsa.drv"
> [ALSA]
> "PlaybackDevice" = "hw"
> and load the needed oss emulation modules :
> snd_pcm_oss
> snd_seq_oss
> snd_mixer_oss

No, you are miying things up: If you are using the winealsa driver you
don't need oss emulation (assumed that you hano other programs needing
oss emulation). But my problem is, that I don't want to use the
winealsa driver as it is not as far implemented as the wineoss driver.
But *if* I use the wineoss driver and my Wine app is accessing the
device it is locked for all other programs. That' not really a problem.
But if another ALSA program is already accessing the device it is
locked for the WIne program. Only different ALSA programs can access
the device together via dmix.

	Joachim von Thadden
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