[Wine]CDRom Problem?

Sylvain Petreolle spetreolle at yahoo.fr
Sat Apr 23 23:29:31 CDT 2005

appdb says:
You will need the NoCD crack for Diablo2 since the copy protection is currently to hard for WINE.
You can get it from www.gamecopyworld.com."

--- wart at ou.edu wrote:
> Just got wine 2005 01 11 installed.. Trying to install diablo 2.. Problem is that whenever I run
> the install.exe, I get a box that pops up telling me to "Please insert the cd labeled "Install
> Disc"" which is the cd that I have mounted and am running the install.exe from.. I've tried
> copying the whole thing to my harddrive and trying it that way, but I get the same results..  Am
> I missing something concerning my config file?  It's attached..

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