[Wine]SanDisk Flash Drive error

Cameron MacDonald cammac725 at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 24 17:56:16 CDT 2005

Hi all- I'm trying to use a SanDisk Cruzer Micro flash drive (usb, 
512MB). It has CruzerLock version 2.0 Security software in it. When 
I plug it in, it is recognized OK. When I open the drive, I have a 
file to open: CruzerLock2.exe. It has the Wine icon. But when I 
click on it, I get:
CLZ1020: cannot locate the application in it's required location:

That's how it is printed. Any idea what this means?  I know that 
SanDisk flash drives aren't supposed to work on Linux boxes (so says 
SanDisk), but there is always a way around, isn't there?

By the way: Mandrake 10.1 Official, KDE 3.2......any other info needed?

Thanks for any help anyone can give?

Closing the Windows in my life

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