[Wine]file handle leak when accesssing com ports

Dirk Huenniger hunniger at cip.physik.uni-bonn.de
Mon Apr 25 06:10:08 CDT 2005

Hello everbody:
I'm trying to run an programm controlling various hardware
of a telescope. It uses only two com ports in order to communitcate
with the hardware. It reads and writes several status files to/from the 
harddisk. No errors occured running this programm under win98 for
months. Using wine it workes well with the small exeption that it hanges 
after several minutes. It turned out that it hangs after several
seconds, if we decreased the number of available file handels from 1024
to 40 using the "ulimit -n 40" command. The error message before it 
hangs is always:
"wine client error:9: no fd received for handle 108"
Duing the runs I often get:
"fixme:comm:SetupComm insize 2048 outsize 2048 unimplemented stub"
It turned out that removing nearly all code reading or writing in the 
com ports and (nearly) all code reading or writing files, made the 
programm much more stable (removing only file related code didn't help). 
It worked for more than an hour without any problems but crashed when I 
tryed to run it for a whole weekend.
We are considering to restart the programm authomatically every 10 
minutes. Would you suggest any better solution?

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