[Wine]Re: SanDisk Flash Drive error

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Mon Apr 25 10:19:08 CDT 2005

While we are venturing a bit off the Wine topic, we might as well keep 
the conversation in the newsgroup. Others might know more about the 
SanDisk than I do.

Cameron MacDonald wrote:
 > Thanks for the reply, Duane.
 > If I look at MCC, Hardware it shows the flash as /dev/sda.  I think
 > it is also /mnt/removable.  (I am pretty new to some of this "deep
 > s--t")  That shows it is mounting, right?

Yes, that is where it is mounted. Normally I would expect the device to 
be /dev/sda1, but I would ignore that for now.

 > In order to put anything on the flash drive I have to get past the
 > security software. I've got a login and password (with WinXP), but
 > like I said I only get the error on my Linux OS (which I am trying
 > to use ONLY).
 > I've tried drag and drop & copy files to the drive, but once I
 > unplug it, the files are gone.

If you are not already doing it, you need to unmount the drive before 
unplugging it, just as you do on WinXP. I use a similar (PNY Attache) 
drive regularly. I doubt the login and password are required, though I 
have not used that kind of drive before, so I could be wrong.

How to unmount depends to some extent on the Window manager you are 
using, but since you mention using drag and drop, very likely you will 
right click on the drive icon and select "eject".

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