[Wine]Re: Flash and Contribute

Caleb O'Connell caleb at mainehost.com
Mon Apr 25 08:01:17 CDT 2005

Thank you for the follow up.  I'll look through the actctx.c file at wine to
see what may go in there.  Also, I wonder then why flash worked in past
versions of wine, but not more current ones.  Thanks again, and I would
welcome any more insight from anyone.

Duane Clark wrote:

> Caleb O'Connell wrote:
>> I just installed wine-20050419 and it's great so far.  Dreamweaver works,
>> office2000 works, Adobe photoshop and InDesign 3.0 work great.  However
>> both Contribute3.0 and FlashMX do not work.  They both have a common
>> error.
>> Flash:
>> fixme:actctx:CreateActCtxW stub!
>> Contribute offers a few more:
>> fixme:win:User32InitializeImmEntryTable (0x19650412): stub
>> fixme:actctx:CreateActCtxW stub!
>> fixme:exec:ShellExecuteExW32 flags ignored: 0x00000440
> Well, the CreateActCtx call involves something called and "activation
> context". If activation contexts are important to the running of these
> programs, then there is not much you can do except hope someone
> eventually implements the functions. None of the activation context
> functions are currently implemented in Wine. Browse through here:
> http://source.winehq.org/source/dlls/kernel/actctx.c
> The ShellExecute message is likely unimportant, and probably also the
> InitializeImm message.
> I will admit that it is not real clear to me what an activation context
> is used for, but you can always read about it here:

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