[Wine]Probably a newbie problem, but my knowledge in Linux is so limited, so please Help!

Kevin Hertzberg khertzberg at spray.se
Wed Apr 27 09:43:25 CDT 2005


I guess I should start by telling the truth, I'm not a Linux user (yet) 
and I've never tried Linux in my entire life.

The reason that I got very interested in WINE is that I've developed a 
Strategy Game for WIn32.
I don't like to discourage Linux people to enjoy my game. Since it's a 
rewrite of a Mac game, there's a bunch of Linux users who would like to.

The game, called RoboWar 5, is a strategy game were the players is 
supposed to build robots that kill the other players robots.

The game runs fine with WINE, but when the player is trying to load a 
robot a 440 Automation Error.
Is anyone here familiar with this problem? It only happens when running 
on WINE, never in Windows.

If anyone would like se with their own eyes what happens, the game can 
be downloaded here:

Also required will be the Visual Basic 6 runtime (/_MSVBVM60.DLL)_/, 
since its apparently not included in the WINE installation.
The Visual Basic 6 runtime It's also available at the link above.

Kevin Hertzberg

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