[Wine]Probably a newbie problem, but my knowledge in Linux is so limited, so please Help!

Kevin Hertzberg khertzberg at spray.se
Thu Apr 28 11:56:05 CDT 2005

Mike Hearn wrote:

> Heh. I guess you don't know how VB works under the hood then ;)
>Could you send me a +ole,+tid,+seh,+msgbox trace please?
I don't have Linux installed (yet). The report of 440 "Automatition 
Error" is from one of the Linux testers.
Only thing I could provide is the source code, since I'm under the 
impression that you (Mike) knows Visual Basic very well, spotting the 
problem will be easy if it's an "obvious" problem.

Otherwise, I guess the only thing I can do is to get myself a copy of 
Linux. Has anyone any particular version to recommend for my purpose 
(install Linux and WINE as quickly as possible and find the bug)?

Private Sub Load1_Click()
If BattleHaltButton.Caption = "Halt" Then Exit Sub  'If there's an 
ongoing battle, do nothing

CommonDialog1.ShowOpen                                      'Shows the 
Open dialog by using Comdlg32.ocx, the dialog pops up, no problem with that
If CommonDialog1.FileName = "" Then Exit Sub    'It the user has clicked 
cancel, then do nothing

Load2.Visible = True

R1path = CommonDialog1.FileName                 'Sets the global 
variable R1Path

namevar1 = CommonDialog1.FileTitle
namevar2 = Len(namevar1) - 4                                'Removes 
.RWR from the name
Robot1.Caption = Left$(namevar1, namevar2)      'Replaces the caption 
'No Robot Selected' with the robots name

R1Present = True                                'Sets the global 
variable R1Present

Dim rIcon As String
rIcon = Robot1.Caption & "#0.ico"                                       
'Generates the location of the robots icon, if it have any
If Dir(rIcon) = "" Then                                                 
                'If the icon doesn't exist...
    R1Icon = LoadPicture(App.path & "\miscdata\1#0.ico")    '...then 
load a standard icon, we can't have invisible robots
    R1Icon = LoadPicture(rIcon)                     'If the icon exists, 
load it
End If

If SelectedRobot > 6 or SelectedRobot < 1 Then                       
'Selects the recently opened robot, if there's no other robot selected
SelectedRobot = 1
Robot1.BackColor = vbBlack: Robot1.ForeColor = vbWhite: Robot2.BackColor 
= vbWhite: Robot2.ForeColor = vbBlack: Robot3.BackColor = vbWhite: 
Robot3.ForeColor = vbBlack: Robot4.BackColor = vbWhite: Robot4.ForeColor 
= vbBlack: Robot5.BackColor = vbWhite: Robot5.ForeColor = vbBlack: 
Robot6.BackColor = vbWhite: Robot6.ForeColor = vbBlack
End If

CommonDialog1.FileName = ""                     'Resets the file name, 
so cancel will work

LoadRobot1                                      'A huge subroutine that 
loads which checks which weapons the robot have
ResetHistory_Click                              'Another sub routine 
that erases the history of previous battles
End Sub

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