[Wine]Probably a newbie problem, but my knowledge in Linux isso limited, so please Help!

Kevin Hertzberg khertzberg at spray.se
Fri Apr 29 13:32:16 CDT 2005

Angela Burrell wrote:

>I don't mind downloading/installing your game either, but if you want to go
>that route (and wait for me to do the debugging) you may have to wait a few
>days until I have the time.
That's so kind of you, and I'm very grateful.

Joachim's email was very incriminating, since he's able to load robot 
but not use the drafting board.

The game uses two .ocx controls: Comdlg32.ocx and RICHTX32.OCX.
Comdlg32.ocx is used for opening robots.
RICHTX32.OCX is used for editing robot's code in the drafting board.

Working .ocx are shipped with the game, and are located in the game's 
folder. Could the .ocx be improperly installed or registered maybe?

Also, I would like to thank Mike, Joachim, Angela, Adam and Julian for 
their help, I appreciate it a lot.


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