[Wine]Re: problems installing wine

Colin Wright cdonline at tesco.net
Sat Apr 30 04:25:39 CDT 2005

Jeff Vian wrote:

> I just downloaded the latest version of wine from the site to install on
> my system.  My system is an Athalon XP 2400+ running Fedora Core 3,
> fully updated.
> I downloaded the file wine-20050419-1fc3winehq.athlon.rpm and installed
> it, then installed  winetools-2.1.1-jo.i386.rpm to go with it.
> I started winetools to do the configuration and completed each step of
> the base install one at a time until I got to the Internet Explorer 6.0
> step. At this step it hangs.
> The console where I started winetools shows
> ---------------
> WINEDLLOVERRIDES="" setarch i386 wine ./ie6setup.exe
> waiting for wineservers to exit...
> fixme:advapi:DecryptFileA "T:\\IXP003.TMP\\" 00000000
> fixme:cursor:CURSORICON_SimulateLoadingFromResourceW Animated icons not
> correctly implemented! 0x7f9e0000
> fixme:cursor:CURSORICON_SimulateLoadingFromResourceW icon entry found!
> 0x7f9e0000
> fixme:cursor:CURSORICON_SimulateLoadingFromResourceW icon size ok.
> offset=0x7f9e0074
> fixme:setupapi:SETUPX_CreateStandardLDDs LDID_SRCPATH: what exactly do
> we have to do here ?
> fixme:richedit:RichEditANSIWndProc WM_SETFONT: stub
> ------------------
> Top shows wine-preloader using 90 - 95% CPU with winetools
> intermittently coming into the top 5 processes then dropping back down.
> I periodically (about every 10 minutes) get a pop up message window with
> a message stating that
> " There is still a wineserver running after 600 seconds waiting. ..."
> and it suggests killing the wineserver on the console by typing
> wineserver.  I do that with no effect and it seems that IE6 does not
> ever complete installation.
> After waiting for over an hour, I finally halted winetools with a ctrl-C
> on the terminal I used to start it.
> Can someone tell me why this installation/configuration step hangs and
> what I need to do to complete the install?

I don't know why it hangs, but have you tried an earlier WINE

The Winetools page says 
"The actual version wt211jo work with Wine versions 20040914, 20041019,
20041201 and 20050111. I definitely recommend using 20041019".

Colin Wright
cdonline at tesco.net

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