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Tue Aug 30 17:37:41 CDT 2005


Share Folder is \\DFGServer\ImageEntry in the WINNT side. I Mounted 
this in Linux and Configured inside wine As I:\ Drive. 

When I Start the Application The Gui comesup. After I Enter User Name 
It Says Userdatabase file Not Found and Exits.

When I Look at the wine Log it Shows unable to open

but this file exist in I:\Logs\UserDB.dat. 

Then I Looked At the License File of the Application.In this License
They have Mentioned The WINNT FileServer Shared Folder
"\\DFGServer\ImageEntry" to Look for UserDatabase. so the Application
simply exits Saying File not found. 

I Need to know howdo i enable this Netshare folder to be Seen by the
Application Under wine.Is There is Any WorkAround Availablefor this kind
of Netshare References.

Thanks in Advance.

Vijai .G

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