[Wine]problem with installing endnote demo

Gabor Istvan suseuser04 at freemail.hu
Sat Aug 6 12:05:33 CDT 2005

Dear folks:

I would like to install Endnote 9 trial under wine. According to 
Frankscorner.org it should work (see http://www.frankscorner.
But when I execute the command:
WINEDLLOVERRIDES="msi,msiexec.exe=n" wine ENDemo.EXE, 
I get the following result:

err:module:import_dll Library msi.dll (which is needed by L"C:
\\windows\\system\\msiexec.exe") not found
err:module:LdrInitializeThunk Main exe initialization for L"C:
\\windows\\system\\msiexec.exe" failed, status c0000135

I thought that it might be because I haven't installed Windows 
Installer, so I tried to install it (the version that Frankscorner 
links to).  But this failed too with the following error:

wine InstMsiA.exe
fixme:msiexec:main /regserver not implemented yet, ignoring
fixme:msiexec:main /unregserver not implemented yet, 

I have the latest wine, wine-20050725, but I also tried it earlier 
with wine-20050628 with no succes.
What can be the problem?


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