[Wine]swapped mouse buttons and slow down in wine

Liam Kurmos quantum_liam at yahoo.co.jp
Wed Aug 10 07:11:12 CDT 2005

(Sorry, if this post here is inappropriate. I'm a newbie trying to get 
wine working)

I've installed wine20050725 from rpm, and it was running ok. I copied 
and installed japanese dictionary app from my real winxp partition to my 
fake c drive and patched the reg with the local\software keys from the 
xp reg. The program worked (kind of - japanese chars dont display except 
when using japnese lang locale) but from the moment I first launched it 
the mouse buttons where swapped on my mouse, and wine became painfully 
slow. This effect is persitant anywhere in wine, even regedit and 
winecfg now behave this way (slow and inverted mouse). I could prehaps 
get used to the mouse being backwards but the performance is too painful.

New versions of wine don't seem to support a wine.config file, but the 
config file had more configurability than is cuurently supported in 
winecfg. So how do you config the latest version of wine? What could 
have changed in wines configuration to make this happen?
Anyone have a links for info on how wine (post the shift to no config 
file) now works?

I've been looking on my web without joy for a solution to this problem. 
So now I'm turning to this list. Hope someone can help,


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