[Wine]Re: wine-20050725 : warcraft 3 cd issue

Lukas Middendorf lukas.middendorf at freenet.de
Sat Aug 13 16:22:13 CDT 2005

Am Sat, 13 Aug 2005 23:05:15 +0200 schrieb Sebastien Fievet  
<sebastien.fievet at free.fr>:

> Hi all,
> I just installed wine-20050725 from source, and have a problem with  
> warcraft 3
> (patch v1.15). The install runs fine (when mounting the cdrom without  
> the unhide
> option), but the game doesn't. Launchin the game with : "wine  
> Warcraft\ III.exe
> -opengl" results in a popup message saying "no disc inserted" whereas  
> the disc
> is actually in the CDROM drive. I saw a post on the application database
> relating the very same problem. I have found no solution so far...
> I managed to play Starcraft (legal copy), and it does work pretty well,  
> so i
> assume my installation is good.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated : i definitely don't want to  
> re-install
> Windows just to play Warcraft.
> Regards, Sebastien.

It's a problem with the copy-protection. You have to use a nocd-Crack.  
Then it should start.

many greetings, Lukas

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