[Wine]Question: Wine "Administrator" mode for multi-user "Windows * [Professional/Enterprise/...]" edition reference...

Belxjander Serechai belxjander_serechai at yahoo.co.nz
Sun Aug 28 20:19:27 CDT 2005

Ive seen this on the mailinglists once before about installing wine and
windows binaries into wine once... amongst several users...

on smaller shared server setups this may be easier to achieve if there
  was some way to identify a single username/usergroup outside wine as
   "admin" equivalent within wine...

Im curious... would an /etc/wine existing with username/usergroup
  markings other than "root:root" for owner:group be usable
  for indicating a "common" install setup...

when "root" runs "winecfg" and also usable for "templating" when
  a user runs wine for themselves for the first time...

I know there are pet hates and things to like about any given software

but I am personally most irked by needing to fully install several
copies of the same settings and program suite under each user...

just making a template and copying it all doesnt always work,
  (maybe I just deal with too many computer illiterate users...)

just wondering what if anything is in the current and mapped goals


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