SV: [Wine] VFP6 runtime app. in wine

Markus Winhard mw at
Thu Dec 1 20:00:51 CST 2005

Hi Marius,

<< That's right, I assume you're referring to the advice in Paul 
McNett's excellent, but by now rather old white paper. >>

    I'm referring to

<< Are you seeing ugly black boxes around radio buttons >>

    Yes, I do. AFAIK VFP doesn't draw radio buttons itself but lets some 
part of Windows draw them.

<< and broken listbox graphics if the text is longer than the available 
space? >>

    I didn't notice this. Can you show me a picture of what's happening?

<< What is your experience with builtin and native dll's in with VFP? >>

    I didn't experiment with native DLLs up to now.

Best regards,


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