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Fri Dec 2 14:00:44 CST 2005

On 02/12/05, kwhiskers <kwhiskers at gmail.com> wrote:
> I just got wine-9.2 for fedora 4. I wiped out my ~/.wine directory to
> start completely clean and installed the rpm.
> I took a look inside ~/.wine and there are no fake windows/dos drives at
> all. I ran wine without any arguments (checked manual, there seems to be
> only version and help, tried those later), and then ran winecfg.
> Still, there are no dosdevices at all. I looked in the newest
> documentation and it mentions that there are links to z: -> /(root) and c:
> -> ../drive_c.
> There are none, nor do these places exist. I then created them manually
> and tried installing a program, but all kinds of other windows directories,
> like Fonts, Program Files, etc, also did not exist. I tried creating them as
> well.
> Then I reinstalled my software again and it all seemed to work
> wonderfully. My drives whirred and all the questions were asked and I made
> responses and the cd whirred some more and my hard drive was accessed or
> likely written to a whole lot.
> Then I took a look and there is absolutely nothing in the Program Files
> directory at all. Nothing.
> I repeated the proceedure yet another time and there is still nothing.
> I ran updatedb and did a search for the program I had installed and it
> doesn't seem to exist.
> Where did it go? Where was it installed to? I know the symlinks I created
> are correct.
> How do I get wine-9.2 to create a fake windows system, like it used to in
> earlier versions? Or is this no longer required? But how do I install
> software then, if no fake drives exist?
> --
> kwhiskers{

I should also mention that I was unable to do any of this without becoming
root. I installed all the software as root, even though I will be using
wine, not root, and the ~/.wine directory is in my home directory.

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