[Wine] Google Earth (really close)

Sven Paschukat Sven.Paschukat at t-online.de
Sat Dec 3 14:11:57 CST 2005

Brian Litzinger schrieb:
> Most of the controls show up when you first move over them with the pointer,
> but after a second they are changed back to a starry black background.
> I put a snapshot at 
>      http://www.litzinger.com/ge.jpg
> I also captured it while some of the display was showing through the
> stars via my moving around on the screen
>      http://www.litzinger.com/ge2.jpg

Yes, the earth graphics seems to be mismoved over the browser 
components. It should be displayed more to the right. The mouse events 
are captured on the correct position. I tried to debug this problem, but 
didn't found out.

If you submit a bug to the WineHQ bugzilla, it has a chance to get 
fixed, I think.


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