[Wine] Re: Re: /wine question

Pere pmoncho at cetib.ictnet.es
Sat Dec 3 08:49:57 CST 2005

Adam Schreiber wrote:

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> kwhiskers wrote:
>> I should also mention that I was unable to do any of this without
>> becoming root. I installed all the software as root, even though I will
>> be using wine, not root, and the ~/.wine directory is in my home
>> directory.
> It sounds like your program was installed in /root/.wine/.  You probably
> should have deleted ~/.wine in addition to clearing it out, then the
> folders would be recreated.  You can also run wineprefixcreate.
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I'm thing you need to execute for first time "wine" (not how root) on a
terminal window, this create all the estructure.

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