[Wine] .NET Framework 2.0

Adam Gibson agibson at ptm.com
Mon Dec 5 09:15:00 CST 2005

Christoph Schmid wrote:
--- cut ---
> Unfortuantely if you want to do typical winforms "klick klick, get a
> auto-codegenerated-gui" - development stuff there is no real
> implementation availlable in the linux world right now.
> Monodevelop will get a GUI designer... but at first the mono-people
> wants to finish winforms and that stuff.
> (there are only 4 main-developers paid by novell in mono at all, the
> rest are volunteers, so its no surprise that this takes time)

A good gui designer on Linux for mono/.net/gtk#/winforms does exist... 
x-develop by Omnicore is a good gui designer but unfortunately they 
priced it outside my price range since .net is just a hobby for me at 
this point.  I used the betas though and was impressed by it.  Omnicore 
makes it.

"GUI designer
Support for WindowsForms 1.0 & 2.0, GTK#, Swing and AWT
Creates resizable, resolution and font size independent GUIs"

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