[Wine] wine on freebsd

Anish Mistry mistry.7 at osu.edu
Tue Dec 6 14:58:12 CST 2005

On Tuesday 06 December 2005 04:02 am, Giulio Ferro wrote:
> Anish Mistry wrote:
> >>I've problems with installing internet explorer. The winetools in
> >>the ports is very
> >>old and pretty useless. I've downloaded the new winetools,
> >> tweaked it to run on
> >>freebsd, and tried to install ie. Unfortunately when you try to
> >>install it (after installing
> >>the dependencies) it aborts with an error.
> >
> >Apply the attached patch to the current winetools port and install
> > it. I should update it to the latest version.
> Sorry, the patch applies but there are problems with PORTVERSION.
> The name is the
> old one (1.25a) and doesn't match with the new one for checksum in
> distinfo.
Do a "make makesum" and it should re-roll the distinfo.

Anish Mistry
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