[Wine] Super EF2000 and wine

Łukasz Hejnak grupy at szift.org
Thu Dec 8 11:29:54 CST 2005

Did anyone managed to get Super EuroFighter 2000 working with wine?
I found a solution (and got to it before on my own also) but it doesn't 
exactly work for me.
the command
wine PROGRAM/_SUPERW.EXE DID=. quick_flag=1 GUI
does start the game, but the problem is, I get a blank screen :\
I once had a problem like this in Win2000Pro, but after some 
'compatibility settings' tuning I got it working, here I'm not sure how 
to do it.
I tried double-buffered windows, a virtual desktop, different color 
depth's and still nothing.
The windows does appear like it should (first the little one, then the 
big one), the menu is there, as I can hear going from one submenu to 
another (there's a sound on menu entry, I just tried to click in a 
place, I remembered a menu entry at) but the window is all black.

Any ideas?

Best wishes

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