[Wine] Re: fixme:font:load_VDMX Failed to retrieve vTable

Andreas Mohr andi at rhlx01.fht-esslingen.de
Fri Dec 9 04:51:43 CST 2005


On Fri, Dec 09, 2005 at 10:53:33AM +0100, Curro Amores wrote:
> hi my reports are not well displayed on my access97 app.
> fonts are displayed i anora location and separed
> I got this fixme
> fixme:font:load_VDMX Failed to retrieve vTable


    if(WineEngGetFontData(font, MS_VDMX_TAG, offset, group, 4) != GDI_ERROR) {
        USHORT recs;
        BYTE startsz, endsz;
        BYTE *vTable;

        recs = GET_BE_WORD(group);
        startsz = group[2];
        endsz = group[3];

        TRACE("recs=%d  startsz=%d  endsz=%d\n", recs, startsz, endsz);

        vTable = HeapAlloc(GetProcessHeap(), 0, recs * 6);
        result = WineEngGetFontData(font, MS_VDMX_TAG, offset + 4, vTable, recs
* 6);
        if(result == GDI_ERROR) {
            FIXME("Failed to retrieve vTable\n");
            goto end;

This FIXME is quite confusing and should be fixed, since it's NOT at all
about the "common" vTable term, but instead a VDMX font-related table AFAICS.

Use winedbg, set a breakpoint on load_VDMX(), step through it until the
2nd WineEngGetFontData() (that one is failing!), then step through it
until you know what exactly fails.

Maybe even a simple freetype upgrade might resolve the issue?
(in that case we'd need to know which freetype version is problematic)

Andreas Mohr

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