[Wine] Wine 0.9.3: Painter 7 and Classic Painter problems

Robin Pfeifer bitpicker at compuserve.de
Mon Dec 12 13:02:58 CST 2005

Sorry if this post turns up a second time, I used a wrong e-mail account 
for the previous one by mistake.

I have recently installed Wine 0.9.3 and subsequently tried to set up 
Painter 7, an application I have used successfully with several versions 
of Wine before. On this version it won't install anymore; after asking 
for the serial number it freezes. It's an update version, if that makes 
any difference.

I also tried an older Painter Classic, and that installed well; however, 
it opens in a way that it jumps right out of my desktop at the top and 
right edges (probably thanks to the fact that I have set my XFce desktop 
to leave certain margins, and it adheres to the left and bottom edge 
settings). So I constrained it to a 1024x768 desktop. That works well as 
far as displaying the program is concerned, but there is a shifting 
discrepancy between where the mouse is and where the painting takes 
place; there is a sliding offset, changing during usage, making it 
impossible to actually use the program as you can't predict anymore 
where a stroke will start.

As both programs used to work considerably better, does anyone have any 
hints for me?


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