[Wine] Re: Lotus 123 with Wine

Krister Hallergard krister at hallergard.fsworld.co.uk
Mon Dec 12 17:11:14 CST 2005

Was reasonably happy with Lotus 123 on Fedora Core4 with wine 0.9.2 and 
with SuSE 10.0 with wine 2004-05-05.  As long as I started from winefile 
and opened a wk4-file within 15 seconds it was stable (otherwise Lotus 
123 would exit).  But then I realized that I couldn't print - got error 
messages "we don't handle PRINTER_ENUM_CONNECTIONS..".  Googling did not 
give any working solution, so I had to find a better solution.

Excel has wk*-filters, so I installed winetools base setup incl IE6 and 
the Windows system software, and then Office 97 - Excel only. 
Installation worked fine, but when starting Excel it froze while showing 
the welcome screen.  The solution was to use "Open an Office file", and 
after that Excel could be started normally.  The printer also worked 
with Excel.  This solution was valid for Fedora Core4, Suse 10.0 and 
also Kubuntu 5.10. - all now with wine 0.9.2.  Great!

Not with Mandriva 2006 though.  Nothing happened when trying to install 
with install.exe (just like with Lotus SmartSuite setup.exe).  Also 
after copying a functioning .wine directory (and fixing permissions) 
from Fedora, excel.exe would start but exit after a few seconds (same 
with 123w.exe).  Same with a few other programs on the winetools menu 
(did not try all).  IE6 works though.  Wonder why Mandriva does not seem 
to like wine??

Krister Hallergard wrote:
> Am a newbee to Linux and am trying to evaluate various distros to see 
> how they fit my needs.  For this purpose I now have six trial Linux 
> partitions on the same machine.  My other criterions to replace XP as my 
> main system have been passed by all the distros,  but remains the last 
> one: to be able to handle Lotus wk4-files.  That is where I have my history.
> First tried installing Lotus 123 from SmartSuite 96, which worked fine, 
> but when trying to open a wk4-file all distros froze.
> Next tried to install Lotus 123 from SmartSuite 97, which worked fine 
> except for Mandriva 2005 Ltd Edition which did not react at all to 
> "setup.exe".  The other distros opened Lotus 123 but died on me after 
> about 10 seconds.  Except Fedora Core 4, which died after trying to open 
> more than about two files.  Thought this might be a memory problem, so I 
> tried to reduce the demands on the system by elliminating a lot of 
> options in user setup, smart icons setup and view preferences.  After 
> having done this I found that I got a fully working Lotus 123 on my 
> Fedora distro!!
> My other distros did not let me change the settings before dying.  So I 
> copied over the lotus directory and the wine registry files (I don't use 
> wine for anything else - so far) from Fedora.  For most distros the 
> result was the same - dying after 10 seconds.  Also got Mandriva to work 
> like that. But SuSE 9.1 didn't die - it worked!!,  just as well as (or 
> even better than) Fedora Core 4.
> All distros had the Wine version 20050830 except SuSE 9.1: 20040213.  
> Did try version 0.9.1 on Mandriva, but no difference to the 10 seconds 
> death.  Actually the installation said that 0.9.1 was older than 
> 20050830!?  The other distros were SuSE 10.0 and Kubuntu 5.10.  Did also 
> try to copy over Lotus 123 Millenium Edition to the Fedora partition but 
> it died on me as soon as I tried to retrieve a file.
> So I have to well working versions of Lotus 123 SmartSuite 97 on Fedora 
> Core 4 and SuSE 9.1, but this is only with the console command "wine 
> winefile" and then go to the Lotus file 123w.exe to start.  When trying 
> to start from the menu shortcut, Lotus 123 starts okay, but it dies when 
> I try to open a file or change a setting.  How do you explain that??
> Would very much appreciate suggestions how to to proceed to get the 
> other distros onboard!  Is this a memory problem, and if so how to solve it?
> Krister Hallergard
> Lytham, UK
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