[Wine] network problem with wine

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Mon Dec 12 23:22:56 CST 2005

> Hello!
> I never needed wine before, so it can be a newbie question, but I could not
> find any documentation on my problem.
> I HAVE TO use a software at my uni in a competition written for Windows. The
> program would connect to a server, and download some data from it. I could
> install the program, and it starts properly, but when I test the internet
> connection it fails to connect.
> The log file's line is:
> fixme:wininet:InternetGetConnectedState always returning LAN connection.
Is your program requiring another kind of connection ? I suppose your machine
actually HAS a LAN connection, so it doesn't matter anyways. It's just
a warning that a windoze app will not recognize whether the machine has a LAN,
modem or whatever connection. It cannot influence a real connectivity.
> Should I set something? I'm always connected to the net with LAN (not
> modem).
So you definitely don't need to set anything, see above :-).
> I'm useing a Debian sarge, with "Wine 20050310" installed as a .deb package.
This version is rather old; try to upgrade. Wine has passed a really long way
of development recently and currently the chances are much bigger that
a program will run.
> Thanks,
> Viktor
          With regards, Pavel.

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