[Wine] Wine and Counter strike:passing parameters

PIQUEREAU Patrice - DAC-O/RENNES/DR patrice.piquereau at aviation-civile.gouv.fr
Tue Dec 13 08:47:36 CST 2005


 I have a mandriva 2005 and wine of that distrib .

 hl is working almost fine,but not cs 1.6:the formula that I found on the
internet  for passing
 parameters to programs launched by wine is not good:The man wine doc is
incorrect and the below
 formula to launch CS doesn't work excepts the options -gl -gldrv:

 wine hl.exe -- hl.exe -gl -gldrv -console -game cstrike

 I mean that HL is launched but not CS.

 I need help,for a demo in a LAN group.Thanks


Délégation Bretagne

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