[Wine] GTK+2 problem ?

Benoît Rouits brouits at free.fr
Thu Dec 15 00:07:11 CST 2005

as i don''t have windows, i installed wine on my linux box.
to test it, i installed GTK+2 for windows, then GIMP for windows.
then i ran  wineboot.
but when i run $ wine C:\\Program Files\\GIMP-2.0\\bin\\gimp-2.2.exe
it can't launch, as if GTK+2 was not installed:
err:module:import_dll Library libglib-2.0-0.dll (which is needed by L"C:
\\Program Files\\GIMP-2.0\\bin\\libgimpmodule-2.0-0.dll") not found
[...]and all gtk+2 dlls

However, i think i have the good paths installed in system.reg:
[Software\\GTK\\2.0] 1134623331
"DllPath"="C:\\Program Files\\Fichiers communs\\GTK\\2.0\\bin"
"Path"="C:\\Program Files\\Fichiers communs\\GTK\\2.0"
"Path"="C:\\Program Files\\GIMP-2.0\\bin;C:\\Program Files\\Fichiers

any clue ?

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