[Wine] FileMaker 8 Issues

Andrew Barr andrew.james.barr at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 14:39:04 CST 2005

Hi, I was wondering if some Wine wizards would be willing to help me with a 
few residual issues I'm having with FileMaker 8 Pro on Wine 0.9.3.

Something changed between 0.9.2 and 0.9.3, and I'm interested to know what, 
that made the actual application usable. (an MSI MaskEdit patch fixed the 
installation issue post-0.9.2, thanks!) Under 0.9.2 typing into a database 
form field corrupted the field display and you couldn't see what you were 
typing. In 0.9.3, similar drawing issues are present, but they are not such 
that you cannot use the application. The screenshots below (from 0.9.3) will 
show you what I mean. I had to obfuscate the text (sloppily, sorry) as this 
program is being used in a public school setting and personal student 
information is displayed. But the issue is clear nonetheless:

Initial drawing of the form:

Field has focus:

After several keystrokes:

The shade of blue gets darker and darker with each keystroke until it is as 
you see it in the last screenshot. If the FileMaker window loses focus all is 
back to normal. This is a big improvement on 0.9.2 where the actual text was 
corrupted (it alternately disappeared and re-appeared, sometimes appearing 
inverted and upside-down).

A less pressing issue is that the application kicks into the Wine debugger on 
exit. Output is here:


Thanks for any help or insight anyone can offer.

Andrew Barr
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