[Wine] Quicken Accounting software.

Robert McKenzie vk7rb-dsl at keypoint.com.au
Fri Dec 16 04:06:03 CST 2005

Just a quick note for those who are interested in getting the accounting
package Quicken running under Freebsd 6 using wine, it may work with
other installations as well but I have not tried it but others may like

I am very new to this so it all I have done will no doubt be considered
as quick and dirty by some but it worked for me and I am tickled pink.

Firstly, trying to run setup.exe didn't work so I copied the install
directory of Quicken into the same relative position under "Program
Files" in wine from my windows system.

I then copied the "Quicken.ini" from the windows system "windows"
directory to the same directory under wine.

After having still no luck and lots of file not found messages I did a
bit of searching and found some messages that said something about
putting the needed files into "windows/system".

So I started from the first error message, found the file mentioned in
that error meassage and placed it in the wine "windows/system" directory
after which the vast majority of error messages dissappeared and by a
process of trial and error found out which other files where needed and
also put them into the wine "windows/system" directory and hey presto,
it worked.

So finally, the files that I needed to copy into the wine
"windows/system" directory are:

mfc42.dll, iprof32.dll, q_encutl.dll and genclib.dll.

The last "q_enclib.dll I had to copy from my windows system as I could
not find it elsewhere easily, after which it worked.

It was not perfect and I have yet to test it but it does at least run.

So for those who want to run Quicken under Freebsd or perhaps other
similar systems, I hope this little bit helps.

Cheers for now,

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