[Wine] Re: Wine's seti@home team

Ivan Leo Puoti ivanleo at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 01:56:35 CST 2005

Nigel Henry wrote:
> Hi Ivan. This is just fine. If I can get a binary install of Boinc with GUI, I 
> will run that
You can get it from http://boinc.berkeley.edu/download.php
look for the Linux/x86 section. It's a self extracting archive, package manager is required.

> Now I may just be very stupid, but seeing a post to the wine-users list asking 
> for folks running seti at home to join wine's team. Logically you appeared to be 
> asking for folks who were running the Windows version of Boinc under Wine on 
> a Linux based machine to join Wine's team as a sort of challenge to the 
> Windows users that are running Boinc.
No, we'll never ever be able to do that, we're competing with Microsoft Corporations, not all the 
Windows users.

> I would still prefer to run Boinc on Wine, more to try out Wine's 
> capabilities. I'm also trying various music apps left over from my Windows 
> days. Some work on Wine, Some don't. It's all a bit of an academic exercise, 
> but definately without IE coming into the equation. Nigel.

The plan is to write an IE replacement at some point, not a browser but something that provides the 
features programs need. However this doesn't appear to be a very high priority now. In the mean time 
I believe running the native linux version of BOINC is the best solution.


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