[Wine] (no subject)

Rakibul Hassan rakib at ish-tech.net
Thu Dec 22 11:50:59 CST 2005

I am installing from my hard drive. and i am using wine 0.9.3. I didnot
get the 0.9.2 version for mandrake! and can u plz explain me the
procedure to import the .reg files from where and to where? i am a
newbie to linux :/
Thank u very much

> you should always reply to the mailing list.
> you can export your registry in windows  and import the .reg file in
wine with 
> "wine regedit"
> I didn't ever install Photoshop CS, but with 0.9.2 as discribed in the
app db, 
> it should install and run quite fine. Did you change your Wine version 
> accordingly to the app db entry?
> BTW: are you installing from a cdrom drive? if yes which mount options
are you 
> using? I remember that some installers/programs fail if you don't use 
> "unhide".
> cu,
> Stefan

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