[Wine] Wine Server for multi users

Giridharan S girizhere at gmail.com
Thu Dec 22 20:56:26 CST 2005

Is it possible to have a single Wineserver which can manage wine
processes belonging to different users. If not, please tell me the

I'm trying to reduce the memory occupied by wineserver in a multiuser
system, for instance: a server shared by 100s of users. In this case,
it is better to have a single wineserver which can manage wine
processes of multiple users (1 process instead of 100s of wineserver
processes). I understand that security has to be maintained such that
one user cannot access another user's file. But i just wanted to know
how to do this.

Currently, the root installs wine in a 'special' account with read
access to everyone in that group. So all those applications are shared
by multiple users. Also, user.reg is maintained in each users' .wine
config directory so that user customization is allowed. The rest of
the directory structure are symbolic links to the actual installtion
by root.

Please let me know if one wineserver could be made available to manage
ALL wine instances.


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