[Wine] Wine Server for multi users

Giridharan S girizhere at gmail.com
Fri Dec 23 21:14:03 CST 2005

I'm trying to do this as my project. So it really doesnt deal with any
specific application. As of now, Wine behaves as a stand-alone system
for the user who installs applications (Each user has his own Vitual
Machine). Its not scalable like an unix application which can be
shared across multiple users. So i'm trying to figure out exactly

By having one instance of wineserver for all wine processes (no matter
who the user is), we achieve something like shared unix apps. Since im
a student this will be very helpful if our servers have applications
installed and multiple users could share them.


On 12/23/05, Dan Kegel <daniel.r.kegel at gmail.com> wrote:
> Giri wrote:
> > I'm trying to reduce the memory occupied by wineserver in a multiuser
> > system, for instance: a server shared by 100s of users. In this case,
> > it is better to have a single wineserver which can manage wine
> > processes of multiple users (1 process instead of 100s of wineserver
> > processes). I understand that security has to be maintained such that
> > one user cannot access another user's file. But i just wanted to know
> > how to do this.
> Good question.  I'm not sure how easy this would be at the moment.
> It's probably more a question for the wine-devel mailing list
> than for the wine-users mailling list.
> What's your application, i.e. are you really
> running a timesharing system of some sort?
> - Dan
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