[Wine] Wine and Java timezone problem.

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Fri Dec 23 19:27:12 CST 2005

anders.ronningen at tandberg.net wrote:
> I am using wine to compile code for Texas Instruments dsp's. One step in 
> the process is generating code from a graphic configuration file (tcf). 
> When I try to do that, it fails with some Java related messages. The -b 
> in my command tells tconf.exe to run in batch mode, so it doesn't try to 
> open a GUI or something like that. I ran the same command in a dos-shell 
>   and it worked like a charm.
> Log:
> wine c:/updates/bios_5_20_01/xdctools/tconf -b 
> -Dconfig.importPath=c:/updates/bios_5_20_01/packages tiger.tcf
> err:font:ReadFontDir Can't open directory 
> "/home/anr/.wine/dosdevices/c:/WINNT/Fonts"
> err:font:ReadFontDir Can't open directory "/usr/share/fonts/ttf/western"
> Please use the registry key HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG\Software\Fonts\LogPixels
> to set the screen resolution and remove the "Resolution" entry in the 
> config file
> Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 0
>          at 
> sun.util.calendar.ZoneInfoFile.createZoneInfo(ZoneInfoFile.java:527)

A few questions:
1) Which version of Wine are you using?
2) What's the name of the TI development software you're using?
    Is it Code Composer Studio,
    ?  If so, we have a page about it at
3) What version of that software are you using?
4) Have you been using it successfully with wine for long, or is this your first try?
5) Java, eh?  Can you tell what version of the Java runtime it's using?
- Dan

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