[Wine] hot keys

jrm at kw.igs.net jrm at kw.igs.net
Mon Dec 26 12:57:45 CST 2005


One thing I have been running under Wine is something called "Express
Scribe", which is rather good gratis software for transcribing audio
material.  Up through 0.9.3, the program runs nicely but at install
there are error messages about not being able to install hot keys.
Probably this isn't surprising, so what I am really looking for is
advice on how to work around it.

In more detail, the software tries to register hot keys to pause and
unpause audio playback (typically, the audio is an MP3 file of something
like a meeting that needs to be transcribed).  These hot keys would
be useful (rather than pitching Express Scribe in favour of moc or
xmms) because, for example, the pause is configurable to quietly go
back, say three seconds.  I have been struggling with KDE's khotkeys, 
so far with frustrating results (it seems that an inactive Scribe
window ignores input passed to it, activating a window seems to also
raise it to the top, and it seems that only the first of a sequence of
actions is performed).  What would you do?


John (MacPhail)

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