[Wine] Issue with Pegasus Mail Help Functionality

James E. Lang jelly at ktb.net
Thu Dec 29 03:40:57 CST 2005

I am using Wine v0.9.3 to run Pegasus Mail v4.31. I am happy to report that I 
am able to shut PM down without "crashing" it as I had to do with the Alpha 
versions of the past year or more.

OTOH, I am still unable to display the contents of the Pegasus Mail help file. 
When I press F1 (or use Help on the Pegasus Mail menu) I get a window with a 
menu (File, Edit, Bookmark, and Help) and tabs (Contents, Search, Back, 
History, and Topics) plus an image generated by Pegasus Mail. The remainder of 
that window is blank. The only tab that appears to do anything is "History" 
which displays a tall narrow window with the words "History index" at the top 
and nothing more. Here is a full list of the menus:

    Printer setup ...


    Define ...

    Help on help
    Always on top
    About WINE

That last one was a big surprise for me. The help was supposed to pertain to 
Pegasus Mail rather than to Wine.

I'm told that Pegasus Mail uses WINHELP.EXE to read its help file which is 

Does anyone have any information they can offer me as to how to get this 
functionality to work? I don't have access to the Pegasus Mail source code.


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