[Wine] Hamlet' question about wine and scanner: to be or not to be (supported)?

f_sophia f_sophia at libero.it
Thu Dec 29 16:32:43 CST 2005


I have an old partport optical scanner (an LG Scanwork 36a)...
Of course,I can't use this scanner with linux (no driver).
So, I'm trying to install win-driver with wine. :-)
I read documentation (unfortunately insufficient) and... I fell in an "Hamlet' 

The wine user manual asserts that I can install scanner's win-driver in wine, 
unfortunately with too much vagueness about "how".

"Frank's corner" (FAQ page), on the contrary:
Q: Can I use Windows drivers with Wine?
A: No

The question is:
Can I use win-driver for my scanner?
If yes, how?
Any help is very welcomed.



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