[Wine] Internet Explorer 6 crashes after upgrading to Wine 0.9.4

Sander Marechal s.marechal at jejik.com
Fri Dec 30 04:17:06 CST 2005

Hello all,

I am running an Ubuntu system here (Debian-based) and today I got an 
upgarde from Wine-HQ to version 0.9.4 from the Wine-HQ repository. I 
have Internet Explorer 5, 5.5 and 6 installed from IEs4Linux 
(http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/en/instructions/) which uses the 
Internet Explorers from the Browser Archive 
(http://browsers.evolt.org/download.php?/ie/32bit/6.0/ie60.exe). After 
the upgrade to Wine 0.9.4 IE6 crashes. IE5 and 5.5 do work though. Below 
is the console output from IE6. What I did was start IE6 and then try to 
go to www.isth.nl/index.php (a website I'm developing for a client).

Can anyone help me out here? Did I do something wrong? Is there 
something wrong with Wine 0.9.4 or IE6? Thanks for your help!

Sander Marechal

== Console Output from Wine/IE6 ==

fixme:actctx:CreateActCtxW stub!
fixme:actctx:CreateActCtxW stub!
err:shell:ReadCabinetState Initializing shell cabinet settings
fixme:actctx:ActivateActCtx stub!
err:rebar:REBAR_WindowProc unknown msg 200b wp=00000000 lp=711888bc
fixme:toolbar:TOOLBAR_CheckStyle [0x10032] TBSTYLE_REGISTERDROP not 
fixme:toolbar:TOOLBAR_CheckStyle [0x10032] TBSTYLE_REGISTERDROP not 
(0x10032,0x00008003,0x00008000,0x0000c070,0x00000001,0x7fb0de94):semi stub.
fixme:toolbar:TOOLBAR_Unkwn45D hwnd=0x10032, wParam=0x00000000, 
size.cx=1280, size.cy=32000 stub!
fixme:toolbar:TOOLBAR_CheckStyle [0x10032] TBSTYLE_REGISTERDROP not 
fixme:toolbar:TOOLBAR_CheckStyle [0x10032] TBSTYLE_REGISTERDROP not 
fixme:toolbar:TOOLBAR_Unkwn464 hwnd=0x10036 wParam 00000001 lParam 00000000
fixme:dpa:DPA_LoadStream phDpa=0x7fb0d8d0 loadProc=0x7117d6c0 
pStream=0x7fde5ca8 lParam=7fde5d00
fixme:dpa:DPA_LoadStream dwSize=0 dwData2=0 dwItems=0
fixme:dpa:DPA_LoadStream new hDpa=0x7fde60a8, errorcode=80004005
fixme:toolbar:TOOLBAR_Unkwn45D hwnd=0x10050, wParam=0x00000000, 
size.cx=1280, size.cy=1020 stub!
(0x10050,0x00008003,0x0c02b7ff,0x0000c070,0x00000001,0x7fb0ded4):semi stub.
fixme:actctx:CreateActCtxW stub!
fixme:actctx:CreateActCtxW stub!
(0x10026,0x00008003,0x0003f5f4,0x00000410,0x00000001,0x7fb0eaa0):semi stub.
fixme:shell:SignalFileOpen (0x00000000):stub.
fixme:imm:ImmGetContext (0x10064): stub
fixme:hook:IsWinEventHookInstalled (32773)-stub!
fixme:hook:IsWinEventHookInstalled (32773)-stub!
fixme:hook:IsWinEventHookInstalled (32773)-stub!
fixme:hook:IsWinEventHookInstalled (32773)-stub!
fixme:hook:IsWinEventHookInstalled (32773)-stub!
fixme:imm:ImmDisableIME (-1): stub
err:ntdll:RtlpWaitForCriticalSection section 0x7befc524 "loader.c: 
loader_section" wait timed out in thread 0009, blocked by 000c, retrying 
(60 sec)
wine: Unhandled page fault on read access to 0x0000000c at address 
0x7f9cec16 (thread 000c), starting debugger...
WineDbg starting on pid 0x8
Unhandled exception: page fault on read access to 0x0000000c in 32-bit 
code (0x7f9cec16).
In 32 bit mode.
Register dump:
  CS:0073 SS:007b DS:007b ES:007b FS:1277 GS:0033
  EIP:7f9cec16 ESP:7d12a9a8 EBP:7d12a9b8 EFLAGS:00210246(   - 00 
  EAX:7beffc60 EBX:7f9e4520 ECX:00000000 EDX:00000000
  ESI:7fd70758 EDI:00000000
Stack dump:
0x7d12a9a8:  7f9deb90 7f9e4520 7fd70758 00000003
0x7d12a9b8:  7d12a9d8 7f9debb8 7f9b0000 00000003
0x7d12a9c8:  00000000 7bef41b0 7fd70758 7f9deb90
0x7d12a9d8:  7d12a9f8 7bebffe5 7f9b0000 00000003
0x7d12a9e8:  00000000 00000000 00000000 7bef41b0
0x7d12a9f8:  7d12aa84 7bec0d9a 7f9deb90 7f9b0000
024e: sel=1277 base=7d12c000 limit=00001fff 32-bit rw-
=>1 0x7f9cec16 DllMain+0x1d6 in msvcrt (0x7f9cec16)
   2 0x7f9debb8 in msvcrt (+0x2ebb8) (0x7f9debb8)
   3 0x7bebffe5 call_dll_entry_point+0x15 in ntdll (0x7bebffe5)
   4 0x7bec0d9a in ntdll (+0x20d9a) (0x7bec0d9a)
   5 0x7bec14e9 LdrShutdownThread+0x99 in ntdll (0x7bec14e9)
   6 0x7bedcdc5 RtlExitUserThread+0x15 in ntdll (0x7bedcdc5)
   7 0x7fcf72e5 in kernel32 (+0x672e5) (0x7fcf72e5)
   8 0x7fcf7a4d in kernel32 (+0x67a4d) (0x7fcf7a4d)
   9 0x7bedd75f in ntdll (+0x3d75f) (0x7bedd75f)
   10 0xb7ec6361 start_thread+0x81 in libpthread.so.0 (0xb7ec6361)
   11 0xb7e5abde __clone+0x5e in libc.so.6 (0xb7e5abde)
0x7f9cec16 DllMain+0x1d6 in msvcrt: movl        0xc(%edi),%esi

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