[Wine]Newbie: Running an application within wine (installed fine)

דותן כהן dotancohen at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 12:49:17 CST 2005

I had successfully installed BrilliantPhoto with wine, so that I have
the directory:
file:/home/dotancohen/.wine/c/Program Files/Brilliant Labs/BrilliantPhoto
but when I run the command
wine /home/dotancohen/.wine/c/Program\ Files/Brilliant\
it justs sits there with no output until I ctrl-Z it. Silly me, I even
tried to click the icon in Konqueror to start the program (I can start
IE6 this way).

I just installed wine (with apt, version 20041201) and winetools
within the last few hours, and between what I've see on this list the
past few weeks (I subscribed in December) and google, well, I know
nothing! I'm on Fedora Core 3 in KDE on a AMD Duron 1 ghz machine with
512mb ram and a noisy fan.

Thank you in advance!

Dotan Cohen

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