[Wine]Re: Application -almost- working

Tom deL pick at trollsrus.com
Sun Feb 6 15:44:10 CST 2005

Hi Gerry,

Thank you for the lead. It doesn't appear that this program uses
the abc notation system. On a quick look it appears to closely
resemble abc but was maybe modified for his uses? 

For others who might be reading this: There is an abundance of
great abc manipulation software available, most of it for unix/
linux. For people interested, the 'standard' starting place is:

The abc2win program fits my needs (or prejudices or I am used
to using it :) better than anything else I have looked at. It
is a librarian in the sense that it helps build collections of
music. These collections (or parts thereof) can be easily be
printed in any order, which is nice for making play lists for
those who like to read music while performing. The output is
very professional in appearance as well. 

All of the processing for the music presented here:
Was prepared using abc2win and Photoshop (and Photoshop only
for resizing the gif images). 

I forsee some other problems with using it under wine as its
playback mechanism is a DOS program that hoots the PC speaker.
While not great for listening, it is nice for me to be able
to hear what I just typed in ;-) 

I e-mailed Jim asking about any interest he might have in
trying to port it using winelib. We'll see. Maybe I will end
up using one of the very nice linux gui's available. 

Thanks again and any ides on the hook16 problem gratefully

> Not a WINE answer but if you want a really good ASCII music notation writer 
> that runs natively you could cut to the chase and using PMW
> http://www.quercite.com/pmw.html 
> From the home page 
> "PMW operates by reading an input file containing an encoded description of 
> the music; such a file can be constructed using any text editor or word 
> processor. The music encoding is very straightforward and compact, and quick 
> to enter." 
> On Sunday 06 February 2005 16:54, Tom deL wrote:
>> Hello all from a wine newbie. 
>> I have an old favorite Windows application that is
>> one of the last impediments to being completely
>> Windows free. The app was written in vb I am pretty
>> sure as it requires vbrun300.dll 
>> After sorting out some font related problems I got
>> it running but there is a hiccup that is very
>> maddening: After the first (or second) running, a
>> function of the program hangs. Seems odd because
>> it works fine the first time the app is run. 
>> The app's purpose is editing, cataloging and
>> rendering an ASCII based musical notation system
>> called "abc". The hang occurs while rendering the
>> standard notation version. This is done in a
>> somewhat Gimp-like separate windows; i.e. there
>> is a tune selection (files) window. A file, then
>> a tune may be selected here. One of the functions
>> available in the tune selection window is the
>> ability to "Draw" the standard notation (staves,
>> notes, rests, etc.). This is done in a different
>> window. 
>> After the first running, the program hangs with
>> a Windows style hourglass when it should be making
>> the rendering. The window (and program) may be
>> closed by clicking on the X in upper right. 
>> In the console, I get the error:
>>  fixme:hook:SetWindowsHookEx16 hook type 1 broken in Win16 
>> Searching usenet I have found a few references to
>> this message but not anything that helped me. 
>> I have installed a newer version of vbrun300.dll
>> (1999 from Microsoft's site) than the one I started
>> with (1993 from ???) to no avail. 
>> BTW the app is http://www.abc2win.com/ 
>> TIA - Any and all suggestions welcome!
>>  -Tom
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