[Wine]ANSI terminal emulation re:Was WineTools problems

sean funk sfunk1x at gmail.com
Thu Feb 10 11:20:13 CST 2005

Joachim von Thadden wrote:

> OK, I made some tests. For installing and running IE you have to change
> in the /usr/local/winetools/config.new the line
> "*pstores.exe" = "builtin"
> to
> ;"*pstores.exe" = "builtin"
> and you have to copy /usr/local/winetools/config.new to
> /usr/local/winetools/config.ie6. Then you should be able to install and
> run IE6. To run outlook you have to remove the Splash Screen Killer.
> This has the drawback that you might not see everything in outlook
> because of the splash screen, but with the 20050111 the Killer breaks
> outlook. Don't know why.
> Can you test with these settings again?

Indeed I have. OE does "function" initially, it takes a very long time 
to startup, and functionality is limited. I use OE to check hotmail, and 
while I was able to enter in my account information it was never able to 
connect to the internet and download the mail. IE6, however, functions 
almost flawlessly (except for the fact I was going to use it for 
Turbotax' website, but then it required Adobe Acrobat 6, and after that 
installed semi-flawlessly, things didn't work right). Long story short 
it's been a very exciting process getting this stuff working; I just 
need more time to refine the configuration a bit I think and try more 
skus to get this sorted out.

>>One question, is there an option to make Wine display ANSI graphics/text 
>>properly? I thougth I saw an option for terminal emulation in the conf 
>>file, but looked again this morning and couldn't find it. Right now I'm 
>>trying to run a telnet terminal program but ANSI isn't being displayed 
> No, I don't have any idea. Ask the list for that.

This was actually resolved by just going through and installing the font 
packs. I'm sure it was only one of the fonts, but I was not paying 
attention the first time through. When I have more time to invest 
testing this (instead of testing at my job) I will document what is 
needed for this particular application in Wine and make the information 
available on the particular application forums for the next person.

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