[Wine]DCOM9x - Is it used only for instalation or running?

penna at bb.com.br penna at bb.com.br
Sat Feb 12 08:24:26 CST 2005

Hi all,

     I have a doubt: is the DCOM95/DCOM98 used only for instalation
purposes or it is used for the running process to do something?
     I'm asking this because we have equal workstations that we could just
install wine, configure it the same way and put only the apps we want to
run but without DCOM9x because it requires a Windows license. Is that
possible? I mean I could use only one machine to make the instalations,
with the proper license of DCOM9x, and reproduce the files (without DCOM9x)
on the other machines.

Thanks in advance.

Ulisses Penna.

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