[Wine]AMD X86_64 suse 9.1 package?

Elvis Chen chene77 at hotmail.com
Tue Feb 15 13:56:42 CST 2005

hi all,

Is a RPM package of wine available for Suse 9.1, X86_64 version?

I tried using the i586 rpm (for suse 9.1) under x86_64.  While I was able to 
install various programs, including Office 2000, they don't work as well as 
their counter part (i.e. i586 rpm under 32bits suse 9.1).  In particular, 
Office 2000 often freezes, can't save file, doesn't refresh the screen, and 
missing mouse pointer.

I have tried 20041201 and 20050211.  Both worked fine under 32bit suse but 
not x86_64.  I like to know if having a "native" package will resolve these 



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